About Gary

A member of the Institute of Industrial Photographers, I have honed my craft over 35 years, undertaking principal studies at the University of Gloucester.

Primarily a purveyor of gauzy and nostalgically charged portraits, my work expresses influences from the dark, brooding moods of Deborah Turbeville, the vivid decadence of Grace Coddington and Sheila Rock, and the fiercely dense contrasts of Brett Walker and Helmut Newton.

My photographs are also a canvas for the industrial landscapes of the city I call home, resulting in six self-published books on the changing urban jungle of Birmingham.

Whether skyscrapers, soulful stares, or music stages, I aim to capture in each image an underlying tension that interferes with the mundane. Otherworldly and abstract, vibrant and thought provoking, their beauty lies as much in what they reveal as what they imply.

A regular trader at Moseley Art Market. From time to time I can be found hosting photography, fashion and music club events.

Photography specialisms include creative projects, portraits, weddings, engagements and funerals, events and live music.

For any of these services, please enquire via the contact page.

Thank you for your interest.